A presentation given to the National Academy of Design
January 16, 2004

by Marilyn G. Karmason, M.D.

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Updated: June 30, 2009


It is a special privilege to make this presentation to the New York Ceramics Fair at the National Academy of Design, and to present an overview of the history and the status of Victorian Majolica in the new Millennium.

Victorian Majolica was the third part of a triad in the history of ceramics. In the 15th century, the first triad was the Hispano-Moresque pottery of Spain, traveling to Italy via the isle of Majorca.  In Italy, the pottery grew to become “maiolica” the outstanding ceramic art of the Italian Renaissance.  The 3rd and English phase took p1ace in Stoke on Trent in 1849.  There the boldly sculpted & soft earthenware pottery with its gleaming polychrome glazes resulted in majolica.”  My talk is Victorian Majolica in 2000, the New Millennium.”  It includes updated material on majolica’s role in the Internet, in various auction houses, including eBAY and there are many new and rare photographs of majolica.